HXM HD-005 Electric Drum

กลองไฟฟ้า HXM HD-005 Electric Drum



Configuration 3 x 8″ Tom (without rim), 8″ Snare (with rim feature), 12″ Crash cymbal (with choke feature), 12″ Ride cymbal, 8″ Hi-Hat, Kick pedal, Hi-Hat pedal
Voice 184
Drum Kit 20 preset kits
Pattern 50, Full and Mute drum mode
Pad Button Play drum sound with LED blink
Pad Edit Voice, Volume
Tempo Default 120; range 40 – 240
Metronome On/Off
Record 1 editable song in overwrite mode
Easy Reset Holding button + and button – when power on
Display 3 x 7 LED
Power 9V DC
Aux. Socket Headphone, Line In/Out, USB, Power In

ราคา 11,500 บาท